We are the UK’s number one dealer in new and used horseboxes with a turnover of well over 100 horseboxes per anum, times this by the amount of years we have been trading, thats a lot of horseboxes!

Our sales centre is conveniently located here in Kidderminster, Worcestershire making us easy to reach from any corner of the country.

We aim to help you to buy a horsebox as supposed to sell you one.

All of the horseboxes we sell come thoroughly vetted for safety before you start putting your beloved horses/ponies on board.We are constantly on the look-out for new and used horseboxes and will give an instant decision for anybody looking to sell.

With stock ranging from £5,000 to £250,000 we cater for nearly all pockets and with names such as Oakley, Whittaker, PRB, Equitrek, Equicruiser and many more, we’re sure we can find the right horsebox for you!