Horsebox Reversing Sensors

These can be fitted to almost any Horsebox – cost is just £495.00!

Whether we admit it or not, we all find reversing a large horsebox up to something a little difficult and sometimes embarrassing when people are watching. The only way to do it really is to either get out and walk to the back of the horsebox to take a look 3 or 4 times or to just completely guess! This can often result in expensive repair jobs and bruised pride!
A lot of new cars nowadays seem to be fitted with reversing sensors. This leads us into thinking why aren’t horseboxes? they are 3 times longer than cars and have no window to look behind you!

Well Central England Horseboxes can now offer to fit audible and visual horsebox reversing sensors to virtually any horsebox!

They look very discreet on the back of the horsebox and have a neat unit fitted to the top of the dashboard for you to see whilst reversing.

All this at a fully fitted price, ready to go at only £495.00!!

If you’d like find out more about our Horsebox Reversing Sensors please get in touch.