Horsebox Warranty from Central England Horseboxes

Complete peace of mind when buying a horsebox

To give you peace of mind that you cannot get from a private sale, all of the horseboxes we sell come supplied complete with a 3 months full parts and labour warranty to see you safely on your way. The warranty covers anything that might go wrong with the horsebox including; engine, gearbox, body, lighting, appliances, ramp etc.

Before you begin putting your beloved horses / ponies in one of our horseboxes, it will be sent off to our highly experienced workshop who will give it a very thorough safety check and inspection. This includes all appliances, chassis, floor strength, gas system, electrical system and anything else that may possibly cause any issues in the future.

There isn’t a lot more we could possibly offer you, so come and see Central England Horseboxes today for your next Horsebox!!


Although Central England Horseboxes Ltd will help you every step of the way in your hunt for the perfect new or used horsebox, It is important to stress that; It is the legal responsibility of the buyer/user and not Central England Horseboxes Ltd to ensure that the horsebox is safely and legally loaded/operated.

Under the terms of the 3 month warranty, Central England Horseboxes Ltd reserve the right to recall any horsebox back to their own approved workshop for any warranty work to be carried out. Recovery costs are excluded from the warranty.

Under the trade description act 1968 the mileage displayed on the vehicles odometer cannot be guaranteed and the seller cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies.